What type of Scholarships do we offer?

We host hourly (Pools) and daily (Leagues) coding contests. Each coding contest has a cash prize associated with it. Students are eligible to earn these cash prizes as scholarships. To enroll in a coding contest, other users pay a certain fee, however, as a student, you can be eligible to enroll for free in these coding contests. You can request coupon codes (by clicking the button above) that will allow you to enroll in those coding contests for FREE or for huge discounts. As a student, you can request these coupon codes for free once every week.

Who are eligible for scholarships?

If you are a student, then you are eligible for scholarships. For you to qualify as a student in our system, your account must be created with a .edu email address and the email address must be verified.

How do I apply for the scholarships coupons?

If you are eligible, you can click on the above "Apply for a Coupon Code" button. You will then get an email with a coupon code to the email address that is associated to your account. You can use this coupon code to enroll into Featured Leagues and Featured Pools for discounts ranging from (10% to 100%). Featured Leagues and Featured Pools are created for students. If you win those Featured Leagues or Featured Pools, you will earn Solus Coins and you can cash out those solus coins from your Profile .

How frequently can I request for a coupon code?

If you are eligible, you can request for a new student coupon code once in every 7 days.

Can I use these coupon codes in any of the contests in this platform?

Yes, these coupon codes are created for students and so are eligible to be used for both Featured/Non-Featured contests.