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SolusCode is the best competitive programming website which has coding contests running 24/7 and provides cash prizes and/or merchandise for each contests.

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Learn to Code Better with SolusCode

Improve your coding skills with these amazing features that our platform provides.

Practice Mode

Practice competitive coding for free. Learn coding easily by practicing at your own pace. Improve coding skills by practicing coding challenges in multiple languages and technologies.


Hourly coding Contests. 7 days a week every hour. Get paid to learn coding. Win the contests and get paid. No need to compete with thousands of people. Find a pool size that aligns with you and at the time that works for you.


Multi days coding contest. One round per day. Join the round whenever you are available within 24 hours. Get paid while learning coding. Pick and choose the league size that aligns with you.

Online Compiler with AI

Free Github Copilot Online alternative. Free online code editor with AI. Free Java online compiler, Python online compiler, C++ online compiler, C# online compiler, C online compiler, and Javascript online compiler are available.

User Delight: The Buzz About Our Platform

Get insights from our users about their experiences with our platform.

Bidhya Nandan SharmaSoftware Engineer at Google

"The timing of coding contests on other websites, mainly at night, doesn't suit me. In this platform, I enjoy the freedom to participate in a running contest whenever I'm in the mood to code."

Sushil ShresthaSoftware Engineer at Amazon

"The unique aspect of this platform is the chance to earn money while advancing my coding skills, and it's notably easier to achieve success compared to other platforms due to the flexibility in contest sizes."

Suraj SubediSoftware Engineer at Microsoft

"This platform stands out to me because I can select the contest size based on my recent algorithm practice. Winning contests on other platforms, packed with thousands of participants, is highly ambitious unless I've been consistently practicing algorithms for a few months."